No Ordinary Love Collection

Unique pieces, handmade and 100% Made in Italy

No Ordinary Love is a tribute to extraordinary love.

We have decided to shape Love in the purest and simplest way.
This collection is represented by a white heart that, like a canvas, will draw every love story in a truly unique and not ordinary way.

These hearts can become two small plates, a centerpiece, a jewelery box, a key tray, a candy dish, a wedding favour or a romantic thought.

The ancient philosophers divided love into three forms: Eros, Philia and Agapetoday we could translate them into passion, friendship and deep goodwill.
Indeed, love has various forms that take shape in different ways: in a couple, in a relationship of friendship, within a family or between people who love each other.

All the objects of the No Ordinary Love are made of SSM, an artificial material with extraordinary charecteristics obtained from the combination of natural minerals and acrylic polymers. The aluminum hydroxide gives the product excellent mechanical resistance while the acrylic resin guarantees hygiene, suitability for contact with food, impermeability and color stability over time.


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